Eureka Glory Sports Academy

Spots Stimulates the physical and mental growth of a child. The Encasement of Physical and Mental Development of Childers is certain the most important contribution of sports but the list of values a child may acquire through sports does not end here. The positive aspects are numerous, which reveals the beauty of sports. Sports teaches children the important lesson of team spirits and gives them the experience of working with different kind of people in different situations.

Keeping all these in mind EIS gives the student a vast exposure in sports through its own ‘Eureka Glory Sports Academy’.

Eureka Glory Sports Academy is special and professional sports training center with extremely qualified and experience coaches. It gives training to our students in various games like cricket, Football, Skating, Volleyball, fitness training Yoga etc.

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The Eureka Glory Sports Academy is not only known for its best coaches and training but also for the excellent infrastructure and facilities. It gives extensive cricket training on international standard Turf wickets with balling machines and also the Astro Turf wickets. It also provide special training section with IPL Players. That is the reason it once stop destination for sports lovers from all the parts of pune and outside pune too.